“Birth of the sun” 140 x 100 cm. Oil On Canvas 2017

“Creator of my own” 140 x 100 cm. Oil on canvas 2017

“Thaw” oil on canvas 2017 40x50cm

“Nyctimene”  140 x100 cm. Oil on canvas 2017

“Eurymedusa” 100 x120 cm. Oil on canvas 2017

“The sand” 140 x100 cm. Oil on canvas 2017

“The golden owl” 100 x 120 cm. Canvas, oil, Gold Leaf 2017

“Medusa” 120x100cm Canvas. Oil 2016  Sold

“Searcher” 140×100 cm. oil on canvas 2017

“The Octopus”100 x140 cm. oil on canvas. 2017

“Cyrene” 140×100 cm. Canvas. Oil 2016

“The Swan”  oil on canvas 2015  120x100cm  Sold

“Eurydice” 100 x140 cm Canvas. Oil   2016  Sold

“Scylla” oil on canvas 2016   140x100cm

“The tiger” 140 x100 cm Canvas. Oil  2016

“Leda”  oil on canvas 2015  100x120cm   Sold

“Ophelia” oil on canvas 2016   160x100cm  2016

“The tension” 100 x140 100 x 80 100 x140cm canvas. Oil 2016

“Owl”  oil on canvas 2016  140x100cmGnievyshev Oleksii

“The Rape of Europa”  oil on canvas 2015  90x120cm Sold

“Light Cologne Cathedral”   oil on canvas   2015   70×100 cm      Sold

“Pan”  120×100 cm oil on canvas 2016

“Selene”  100×120 cm oil on canvas 2016

“Nemesis”  140×100 cm oil on canvas 2016

“The Deer”  oil on canvas 2016  140x100cm

“Gaia”  oil on canvas 2016  100x120cm

“Great egret”  oil on canvas 2016  140x100cm

“Cougar”  oil on canvas 2016  120x100cm

“Thalia”  oil on canvas 2015  90x120cm

“The Whale”  oil on canvas 2015  100x120cm

“Hera and cuckoo”  oil on canvas 2015  120x100cm

“Mermaid”  oil on canvas 2015  130x90cm Sold

“The dog in the snow” 40 x50 cm Canvas. Oil

The girl in Kimono Gnievyshev

“The girl in kimono” watercolor 2014 30x21cm   Sold


«Cologne Cathedral» oil on canvas 2014   30×40 cm   Sold

Dploma work

«Inspiration»  oil on canvas 2014  200x250cm


“Internet” oil on canvas 2013 50x80cm


Diptych “And the angels cry too” oil on canvas 2013  65x75cm  65x85cm


                            “Esc” oil on canvas 2013  50x180cm


“She” oil on canvas 2013 160x85cm


“Antik” oil on canvas 2014 180x105cm ( fragment )

“With child” paper, pencil 2012 70x45cm

“Self-portrait” oil on canvas 2011 50x60cm

“Restaurant” oil on canvas 2011  20×25 cm

 “Restaurant” oil on canvas 2011 24×30 cm


 “She saw life” oil on canvas 2011 50×40 cm

 “Arbor” oil on canvas 2011 30×40 cm

“Emeralb still life” oil on canvas 2011 60×80 cm

“Wedding” oil on canvas 2011-2012 120×85 cm

 “Bookshelf” oil on canvas 2012 30×90 cm

 “Portrait of Mother” oil on canvas 2012 105x75cm

 “Peasant” oil on canvas 2012 60x80cm

 “Head of angel” paper, pencil  2012 35×45 cm

 “Lock” paper, pencil 2012 35×20 cm

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  1. марина says:

    Вы талантливы. Особенно удачны портреты. Мне нравятся Ваша манера живописи. Удачи Вам

  2. Gabriele Busmann says:

    Tolle Werkschau!

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